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'CP' denotes 'Compare Passage'


This study includes Messianic prophecies partially fulfilled in Christ at His first advent, those presently being fulfilled, those that will be fulfilled at His second advent, and those that will be eternally fulfilled in the Millennium and the New Earth. One of the latter is the first Messianic prophecy in scripture (CP Gen 3:15). God is rebuking Satan here through the serpent for provoking Adam and Eve to sin and bringing about the fall of man. This prophecy was partially fulfilled at Christ's first advent with His crushing defeat of Satan at Calvary (CP Col 2:12-15; He 2:14-15; 1Jn 3:8). This prophecy will be completely fulfilled at the end of Christ's Millennial - thousand years - reign when Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire to be tormented day and night throughout eternity (CP Rev 20:1-3, 7-10).

The next end time prophecy awaiting fulfilment in Christ at His second advent is God's promise to David to build his house, his throne, and his kingdom for ever (CP 2Sam 7:12-16 also Psa 132:11-12). 2Sam 7:13 was partially fulfilled in Solomon, who built God's earthly Temple (CP 1Chr 22:9-10). But it will be completely fulfilled in Christ, who will build God's eternal Temple (CP Zech 6:12-13), and reign on David's throne eternally (CP Isa 9:6-7; Jer 30:8-9 with Lu 1:32-33; Ac 15:13-18; Rev 11:15). 2Sam 7:12 and 14 had a double fulfilment in both Solomon, and Jesus at His first advent (CP also 1Chr 17:10-14). V 10 here has been partially fulfilled. God did subdue all David's enemies in his day but it still awaits complete fulfilment in Christ at His second advent (CP V 10 with 1Cor 15:23-26; Eph 1:10). At His second advent Jesus will also fulfil Job's prophecy of the visible manifestation of his Redeemer (CP Job 19:25-27 with Rev 21:3; 22:4).

Despite the Gentile kings and Jewish religious leaders' determination to prevent the Messiah from taking the reins of world government, Jesus will fulfil God's promise to set His Son upon the throne and receive a harvest of souls from among the Gentiles as His rightful inheritance, at His second advent (CP Psa 2:1-12). V 1-2 were partially fulfilled in Ac 4:25-28 (CP Psa 2:1-2 with Ac 4:25-28). Only V 7 of this prophecy has been completely fulfilled at Christ's first advent (CP Psa 2:7 with Ac 13:33; He 1:5; 5:5). Prior to setting up His eternal kingdom Christ will destroy all of God's enemies (CP Psa 2:1-3; Joel 3:1-2; Zeph 3:8; Zech 14:1-3 with Rev 19:11-21). God has promised Jesus universal dominion, and all earth will submit to His authority. He will rule with a rod of iron (CP Psa 2:9 with Rev 2:27; 19:15). David's next Old Testament Messianic prophecy in Psa 8:2, as we saw in our study, Old Testament Messianic Prophecies - Their New Testament Fulfilment, was partially fulfilled in Mt 21:16 at Christ's first advent (CP Psa 8:2 with Mt 21:15-16). We learn from this that God has ordained praise for Himself out of the mouths of infant children and breast-fed babies to silence the voices of His enemies. These children were acknowledging Jesus' Deity here over the voices of the chief priests and scribes who rejected Him. Psa 8:2 will be completely fulfilled at Christ's second advent when the voices of all God's enemies will be silenced and Jesus' Deity acknowledged by all.

The next Old Testament Messianic Prophecy awaiting fulfilment is Psa 21 (CP Psa 21:1-13). This prophecy has been partially fulfilled in both David himself and Jesus at His first advent. V 1, 2 and 7 apply to them both while V 4-6 apply only to Jesus - He was given eternal resurrection life (CP V 4 with Ac 2:27-32); glory and honour and majesty belong to him (CP Psa 21:5 with He 2:7-18); He is blessed forever (CP Psa 21:6 with Eph 1:20-23; Php 2:9-11; 1Pe 3:22), and He has been made exceedingly glad (CP He 12:1-2). V 8-13 of the prophecy will be completely fulfilled in Christ at His second advent: He will find and destroy His enemies and cast them into Hell (CP Psa 21:8-13 with Mt 13:41-43, 49-50; 25:41, 46 and Rev 19:19-21). Jesus will gather the Old Testament Jews those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice, to judge them when He fulfils the next Old Testament Messianic prophecy (CP Psa 50:1-6). The trial of His Old Testament faithful ones is found in V 7-15. Jesus is the salvation for Israel at His second advent, that would come out of Zion, fulfilling David's next Old Testament Messianic prophecy (CP Psa 53:6 and Isa 59:20-21 with Ro 11:25-29). All Israel means all believing Israel. David's next Old Testament Messianic prophecy will be fulfilled at Christ's second advent when Israel will be saved and restored as a nation and all the cities of Judah will be rebuilt and inhabited by those that love God (CP Psa 69:34-36, also 102:16; Isa 58:12 and Amos 9:11-12 with Ac 15:13-17).

The next end time prophecy awaiting fulfilment concerns the kingdom of God headed by Jesus at His second advent (CP Psa 75:2-3 with Dan 2:44-45; 7:9-14 and Rev 11:15; 22:4-5). Justice and judgement, mercy and truth, will characterise the reign of Christ throughout the Millennium at His second advent in fulfilment of David's next Messianic prophecy (CP Psa 89:14-28). This prophecy will have a double fulfilment in both Jesus and David. V 14-19 apply to Jesus, V 20-23 and 25-26 apply to David - V 24 applies to both David and Jesus - and V 27-28 apply to Jesus. This particular prophecy extends from V 29-37, but those verses only apply to David, so they have not been included here (CP Psa 102:12-16). This Messianic prophecy will be completely fulfilled in the Millennium and forever. Christ will restore Jerusalem at His second advent. The nations will then fear God and His glory (CP V 25-28). This prophecy refers to the Messiah's creation and restoration work. V 26-27 will be fulfilled when the heavens and the earth are renovated by fire at the end of the Millennium (CP V 26-27 with 2Pe 3:10-13 and Rev 21:1). V 25-27 in Psa 102 were quoted as referring to Christ in He 1:10-12 (CP He 1:10-12).

Jesus will sit at God's right hand in Heaven until the time of His second advent when He will completely fulfil David's next Messianic prophecy (CP Psa 110:1-7). Only the first part of V 1, and V 4, have been fulfilled at Jesus' first advent (CP V 1a with He 1:3, and V4 with He 5:6-10). At His second advent Jesus will set up His Millennial Kingdom and put all God's enemies under His feet, which is the real purpose of the second advent (CP Psa 110:1b-3 with 1Cor 15:24-28; Eph 1:10; He 10:12-13). The day of His wrath in Psa 110-5 refers to the day of the battle of Armageddon (CP Psa 110:5-6 with Isa 30:26; Zeph 1:14-18; Zech 14:6-8, 13). In the next Old Testament Messianic prophecy awaiting fulfilment, Jesus is the fruit of David's body who God swore He would set on David's throne for ever (CP Psa 132:11-18). Had David's sons obeyed God, his throne and kingdom would have continued to this day (CP 2Sam 7:12-16). They will be re-established under Jesus and continue throughout eternity (CP Isa 9:6-7; Amos 9:11-12; Lu 1:32-33; Ac 15:13-17). Horn in Psa 132:17, refers to Messiah, King of the house of David. Lamp also in V 17, is a symbol of the Messiah, who is to be the Light of David. David's crown will flourish - he will also reign as king eternally under Jesus (CP V 18 with Jer 30:9; Eze 34:23-24; 37:24; Hos 3:5).

The next end time prophecy by David awaits its complete fulfilment in Christ at His second advent (CP Psa 135:13-14). V13 is being fulfilled, and will continue throughout eternity; V 14 will be fulfilled in the Judgement Seat of Christ at His second advent (CP Ecc 12:14; 1Cor 3:11-15; 2Cor 5:10; He 10:30). Christ will have compassion on all who serve Him (CP Ac 3:20-21; Eph 1:9-10; 2:7; Rev 22:4-5). All the kings of the earth shall sing of the ways of the Lord at Jesus' second advent, fulfilling David's next end time prophecy (CP Psa 138:4-5). This also awaits its fulfilment at Christ's second advent (CP Psa 140:9-13). V 9 here applies to David's son Absalom and others, as recorded in 2Sam 18. V 10 will be fulfilled in Christ at the Great White Throne Judgement, when all the wicked dead will be cast into the Lake of Fire (CP V 10 with Rev 20:11-15). V 11-13 have been partially fulfilled and will be completely fulfilled at Christ's second advent (CP V 11-13 with Rev 21:3-7).

The next Old Testament Messianic prophecy awaiting fulfilment is Isa 9:6-7 (CP Isa 9:6-7). As we learned in our study, Old Testament Messianic Prophecies - Their New Testament Fulfilment, the only fulfilment of this prophecy at Jesus' first advent was His birth " for unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given" (CP Lu 2:11). This also fulfilled Gen 3:15, Isa 7:14 and 11:1 (CP Gen 3:15; Isa 7:14; 11:1). The rest of Isa 9:6-7 will be fulfilled at Christ's second advent. The names given to Messiah here confirmed His Deity and His eternal pre-existence. Wonderful means that Messiah would Himself be a supernatural wonder, able to perform miracles. The Hebrew word used here for "wonderful", Pele, is only ever used of God in scripture, never of humans or human works (CP Psa 119:129; Isa 25:1). Counsellor means that Messiah would be the incarnation of perfect wisdom, and have the words of eternal life. As Counsellor He would reveal the perfect plan of salvation (CP Isa 11:1-5). The mighty God expresses the fact that in Messiah all the fullness of Deity would exist in bodily form (CP Jn 1:1-3, 10, 14; Col 2:9). The everlasting Father. The title confirms Messiah's eternal pre-existence - the Planner of the ages (CP Mic 5:2; He 1:8; Rev 1:8; 22:13). The Prince of Peace. Messiah's rule would bring peace with God for humankind and all creation through deliverance from sin and death (CP Isa 11:6-9 with Ro 5:1). Isa 9:6-7 in its entirety will be externally fulfilled in Christ in the Millennium and New Earth (CP Isa 11:1-12:6).

Only V 1-2 of this prophecy have been fulfilled in Christ at His first advent. 11:3 - 12:6 will be eternally fulfilled in Him in the Millennium and New Earth when wolves and lambs will lie down with each other, as also will leopards and goats. Little children will play with, and lead around former wild animals which have been made tame by Christ. Cows will graze side by side with bears, while their cubs and calves lie down together. Lions will eat grass like cows. Babies will play with formerly highly venomous snakes, and an infant who puts his hand in an adder's nest will not be bitten. Nothing, nor no one, will hurt or destroy anything or anyone on earth, ever again, because the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord. Jesus will be the standard of the people, rallying all nations to Himself. The Gentiles will seek Him, and in Him they will put their trust. He will re-gather the Jews from the four corners of the earth to rule over them as a nation forever, fulfilling numerous end time prophecies (CP Isa 11:11-12; 14:1; 27:12; 43:5; 60:9; 66:20; Jer 30:10; 31:8; 32:37; 33:7 46:27; 50:4; Eze 16:53; 20:33-40; 34:11; 36:24; 37:11-19; 39:25; Hos 2:14; 3:5; Amos 9:13; Mic 4:6; 5:7; 7:11; Zech 2:6; 8:1-8; 10:6, 9; Mal 3:18 with Mt 24:29-31; Mk 13:24-27). Arabs will be cleansed of their envy and hatred of Jews, and Jews will do nothing to cause Arabs concern. In fact, they will unite to defeat common enemies. Jesus will cause the Nile River and the Red Sea to part as in the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt under Moses, to enable the Jews to cross over from Egypt on dry land. He will then create a highway for their easy return to Israel. After Israel is fully restored as a nation under Christ, the events of Isa 12 will take place (CP Isa 12:1-6).

Isaiah's next prophecy has been partially fulfilled in the Old Testament era, but the portion we will examine here awaits its fulfilment in Christ at His second advent (CP Isa 13:1-13). V 1-5 predict Christ's second coming with all the saints of God my sanctified ones, and the angels of heaven my mighty ones, to destroy Antichrist, the future King of Babylon, and his armies who are attacking Jerusalem. (CP V 1-5 also 14:4-6 and Zech 14:1-3 with Mt 24:29-31; 2Th 1:7-9; Jude 1:14-15; Rev 19:11-21). Christ's second advent in the Day of the Lord will come as a destruction from God. Every man opposing Christ will be afraid and lose courage. Pangs of sorrow will take hold of them. They will be in pain as a woman in childbirth. They will be amazed, ashamed and confused. Their face will be red because of shame for opposing God.

It will be a terrible day of God's wrath and fierce anger. The land will be destroyed and all the sinners in it. The heavens will be dark. There will be no light from the sun, moon and stars (CP Isa 13:6-10 also 34:1-8; Eze 32:7-8; Joel 1:15; 2:1-2, 10, 30-31; 3:14-16; Amos 8:7-10 with Mt 24:29-31; Rev 19:11-21). God will punish the world for its evil ways. The wicked will be punished for their iniquity. The arrogance of the proud will cease and the pride of ruthless men will be humbled. Human mortality will be so high during the destruction that takes place that a man will be rarer than pure gold. God in His wrath and fierce anger will shake the heavens, and the earth ill be moved out of its place (CP Isa 13:11-13 also Hag 2:6, 20-22 with Rev 6:12-17). The destruction of Antichrist at Christ's second advent fulfils God's oath to destroy him (CP Isa 14:24-27). The Assyrian in V 25 is the Antichrist. His title designates his country of origin - Syria.

The next end time prophecy by Isaiah will be fulfilled in Christ's defeat of Satan and Antichrist and the kings who are aligned with Antichrist at the battle of Armageddon. Antichrist and the False Prophet will be cast alive into the Lake of Fire. Satan will be bound in chains in the bottomless pit for a thousand years, at the end of which he will be let loose for a time, and then cast into the Lake of Fire also (CP Isa 24:21-22, also 27:1 with 2Ti 1:7-9; Rev 19:11-21; 20:1-10). Leviathan in Isa 27:1 symbolises Satan (CP Job 3:8; 41:1; Psa 74:14; 104:26 with Rev 12:9). The lavish banquet prepared by Christ on Mt Zion in Jerusalem, to be enjoyed by God's people in the next part of this end times prophecy in Isa 25:6, represents the wonderful blessings the people in the Millennium and the New Earth will experience in Christ's presence (CP Isa 25:4-6 also 2:2-3 with Psa 36:5-9; 63:1-7). Christ will remove the shroud of darkness that enfolds all people, and the pall of death that hangs over all the nations of the earth. For the first time since the fall of man men will be free from Satanic influences. The power of sin will be removed from all hearts and minds. Christ will swallow up death forever. He will wipe away all tears and take away forever all insults against His land and people. In that day God's people will rejoice and be glad, and they will acknowledge Christ as their saviour (CP Isa 25:7-9 also Eze 43:7 and Hos 13:14 with 1Cor 15:23-26, 50-57; Eph 4:18; Php 3:20-21; 1Th 4:13-17; He 3:14-15; Rev 1:18; 20:4-6; 21:4). The Lord will stretch forth His hands prostrating all God's enemies and bringing down their pride. They will all be made subject to Him as easily as a swimmer makes his way in the water by stretching out his hands (CP Isa 25:10-12).

God has to wait until the Millennium for Israel to come to repentance in order to bless her and fulfil the next end time prophecy in Christ at His second advent (CP Isa 30:18-33). This prophecy will be fulfilled in the Millennium and the New Earth eternally. The intensified light predicted in V 26 is symbolic of God's glory and righteousness (CP V 26 also 60:19-20 with Rev 21:23-25; 22:5). The Assyrian in Isa 30:31 is Antichrist, for whom Tophet has been ordained of old. Tophet here is a great funeral pyre kindled by Christ. Ordained of old means that it was appointed by the Lord in this prophecy to be a place of slaughter when Jerusalem will be surrounded by the armies of Antichrist. Christ will destroy five sixth of those armies (KJV) with great flaming fire (CP Isa 30:30-33 also Eze 38:17-21; 39:1-5 and Zech 14:13 with 2Th 1:7-10; Rev 19:11-21). The next end time prophecy will be fulfilled in Christ when He comes down from Heaven at His second advent to defend and deliver Jerusalem from Antichrist and his armies (CP Isa 31:3b - 9 with Lu 21:20-28). This prophecy predicts that at Christ's second coming to deliver Jerusalem, Israel will turn to Him as a nation and be converted in one day (CP Isa 66:7-14; Zech 12:10-13:1). In that day Israel will destroy all its idols, then Christ will destroy Antichrist and his armies at the battle of Armageddon (CP Isa 31:7-9 also 2:10-20; 63:1-6; Zech 14:1-3 with 2Th 1:7-10; Rev 19:11-21). His princes in Isa 31:9 are the ten kings of ten future world kingdoms who will give their allegiance to Antichrist in his attack upon Jerusalem, fulfilling God's purpose for Armageddon (CP Dan 7:7-8; 21-27; Rev 17:8-17).

The next end time prophecy will be fulfilled in Christ when He sets up His Millennial Kingdom (CP Isa 32:1). The princes who shall rule in judgement are the resurrected saints who will rule and reign with Christ throughout eternity (CP Psa 149:6-9; Dan 7:18, 27 with 1Cor 6:1-3; 2Ti 2:12; Jude 1:14-15; Rev 2:26-27; 5:9-10; 20:4-6). Christ will provide shelter, protection, refreshment and shade. No longer will spiritual blindness or deafness affect people. Those who now make rash decisions will have discernment, and those who now suffer from a speech impediment will be able to immediately express themselves. Moral distinctions will no longer be blurred. The coming of Christ will reveal men in their true light. The wicked and the ungodly will no more be called noble, nor the crafty and greedy of gain said to bountiful and princely. For the wicked speak folly, and their minds plan iniquity. They practice hypocrisy and speak error concerning the Lord, leaving empty the soul of those who hunger for God, and unquenched, their thirst. The methods of those greedy for gain are evil. They devise ways to deprive the poor and lowly of their rights and enrich themselves at their expense, but the generous hearted devise noble things for the benefit of all (CP Isa 32:2-8). In V 6-8 Isaiah was contrasting life in his day with the Millennium and the New Earth (CP Isa 34:1-17).

This foretells the mobilisation of the confederation of nations and their armies that will support Antichrist in his war on Israel. They will be destroyed by Christ in the battle of Armageddon at His second coming (CP V 1-2 also Eze 38-39; Joel 3:1-16; Zech 14:1-3 with Rev 19:19-21). Because of the vast multitudes of the slain to be buried - Christ will only spare one sixth of Antichrist's armies (KJV) - they will be left unburied. It will take all of Israel seven months to bury them, notwithstanding that the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field also eat the dead bodies. The stench of the rotting bodies will fill the land, and the mountains will be filled with their blood (CP Isa 34:3, 7 also 49:6; 63:1-5; Jer 25:30-33; 46:9-10; Eze 38:17-21; 39:1-7, 11-20; Joel 2:20; Zech 14:12-13 with 2Th 1:7-10; Rev 14:20; 19:11-21). Contemporaneous with Christ's second coming - immediately after the Tribulation - Heaven will be changed. Neither the sun nor the moon will give light, and stars and meteors will fall out of the sky (CP Isa 34:4 with Mt 24:29-31; Mk 13:24-27; Ac 2:16-20).

God's sword from Heaven will be bathed in blood and fat in the land of Edom, or Idumea, as it is also called. Edom is representative of all the nations at war with Israel. It represents a God-hating world (CP Isa 34:5-8 with Nu 20:14-21; Isa 63:1-4; Eze 35:1-15; Obad 1:8-16; Mal 1:1-5). Bozrah is Edom's chief city. It is the day of the Lord's vengeance in Isa 34:8 and 63:4 does not mean that Christ is taking revenge. He is simply carrying out the sentence which God as Judge has justly imposed (CP Isa 59:17-18 with Rev 22:11-12). Streams in the land will be turned into pitch, and the dust into brimstone. The land will become burning pitch which will never be quenched. Like Babylon, it will be uninhabited waste forever, overgrown with thorns and taken over by birds of prey and wild animals (CP Isa 34:9-15 and Jer 49:13 with Isa 13:19-22 and Jer 51:24-26). Not one of those predictions will fail for the Holy Spirit will gather these birds and beasts to live in this desolate land forever (CP Isa 34:16-17). The next end time prophecy in Isaiah has been partially fulfilled in Christ at His first advent (CP Isa 42:1-7). V 1a has been fulfilled in Christ as God's Servant at His first advent, but He will fulfil 1b at his second advent when He shall bring forth judgement upon the Gentiles (CP 1b with Mt 12:15-18). Christ will not fail nor be discouraged but will set judgement in the earth (CP Isa 42:4 with Psa 2:8-9; Rev 2:27).

Christ partially fulfilled the next prophecy in this study at His first advent (CP Isa 49:1-26). This is a Messianic prophecy. V 1-7a, 8a and 9a have been fulfilled in Christ at His first advent. V 7b, 8b, 9b and 10-25 await their fulfilment in the Millennium and the New Earth at His second advent. Then Christ will be exalted by kings, and princes will worship Him (CP V 7b with 45:14; 52:15; 60:11-12; 66:23). God will preserve Christ, meaning He would raise Him from the dead, and give Him to be a Covenant for Israel as a nation in the Millennium, to establish the earth, and to restore and cause the waste places to be established (CP Isa 49:8b with 35:1-10). Christ did make a New Covenant when He abolished the Old Covenant at His first advent, but it will not be made with Israel as a nation until His second advent (CP Isa 59:20; 61:8; Jer 31:27-40; 32:37-44; Eze 37:11-28 with Ro 11:25-29; He 10:16). Christ will re-gather Israel to God at His second advent in conjunction with instituting His Millennial Kingdom. Israel's sins will be forgiven. Their condition will change from captivity and oppression to contentment and prosperity, such as that by a well-fed, protected, and well-watered flock of sheep. Their re-gathering will be from a worldwide exile (CP Isa 49:9b-13 and 11:11-13; 43:1-9 with Mt 24:31; Rev 7:13-17).

Meanwhile, Israel, called Zion, is portrayed as having been forgotten by God, but He would never forget Zion. Her people will be in everlasting remembrance before Him (CP Isa 49:14-16). Christians instinctively compare the reference to Zion being imprinted on the palms of Jehovah's hands, symbolising His love for them, with the love wounds borne by Christ in His atoning death (CP V 17-26). Here we see that God will use Gentiles to assist in the re-gathering of Israel back to their land. Gentile monarchs will serve God's people and be totally submitted to them. There will be so many people that the land will be too small for them all. V 24-26 refer to the battle of Armageddon which will have already been fought by Christ and won. After this, every living being will know that the God of Israel is Zion's Redeemer and Saviour. Now we come to the heart of the Bible (CP Isa 52:13-53:12). This is often referred to as the gospel of the Old Testament.

It is a Messianic prophecy almost entirely fulfilled in Christ at his first advent, except V 13 and 15 in Ch 52 (CP 52:13, 15). At His second advent when He rules over His Kingdom, Christ will receive the recognition denied Him at His first advent. "My Servant shall deal prudently" in V 13 means that Christ will rule expertly, intelligently, wisely, and will have good success. He will be extolled and highly exalted by those who formerly despised and rejected Him (CP V 13, also 45:23; 49:23; 60:14 with Ro 14:11; Eph 1:20-22; Php 2:9-11). The phrase sprinkle many nations in Isa 52:15 refers to the spiritual cleansing and purification which would come by Christ's shed blood, by which He will bless many nations with salvation at His second advent. Their kings will be speechless and in awe of this once-despised Servant (V 15 with Psa 2:1-12). Paul applied the principle of V 15 to his aposotlic mission of preaching the gospel of Christ where Christ was yet unknown (CP Ro 15:21). In the next end time prophecy awaiting fulfilment in Christ at His second advent, He will call the Gentiles to salvation and they will run to Him because of His God, and because God has glorified Him (CP Isa 55:5 also 52:15; 60:2-5 with Jn 10:16).

Christ will fulfil Isaiah's next end time prophecy at His second advent as the Standard the Spirit of the Lord will lift up to save Jerusalem from total destruction by Antichrist and his armies (CP Isa 59:16-21 also 11:10-12, 63:1-6 with Ro 11:25-27). In His descent to the earth at his second coming, Christ will appear over Edom, and Bozrah, its chief city, where Israel is being protected from the Antichrist, which will fulfil the first part of Isaiah's next Messianic prophecy awaiting fulfilment in Christ (CP Isa 63:1-6 also 16:1-5; Dan 11:40-41 with Rev 12:1-6, 10-14). The dyed garments in Isa 63:1 are explained in 63:2-3 as being coloured from the blood of those of Antichrist's armies slain by Christ at the battle of Armageddon, the great winepress of God's wrath (CP Isa 63:1-3 and Joel 3:13 with Rev 14:14-20; 19:11-21). The day of vengeance in Isa 63:4 refers to the battle of Armageddon when multitudes - five sixth of Antichrist's armies (KJV) - will be killed in the one day battle (CP Isa 63:4-6 (also 34:8, 61:2; Jer 57:6) with Eze 38:1 - 39:29; Joel 2:1-11, 20; 3:1-16, 18-19; Zech 14:1-7 and 2Th 1:7-9; Rev 19:11-21). In Isa 63:7-14 following, it is predicted that the Messiah will remind Israel of the many past mercies of God they received, and how they had vexed the Holy Spirit and caused God to turn against them. But when they were scattered among the nations and in the last days, God would call to remembrance His covenants and deal with them again (CP 63:7-14 with Lev 26:33-43; De 30:1-10).

At His second advent Jesus will be the Branch of Righteousness God will cause to "Grow up unto David", in the days that Israel will be saved (CP Jer 23:5-6; 33:14-17 also Isa 4:2; 11:1; Zech 3:8; 6:12). Christ's second coming and the battle of Armageddon in the Day of the Lord will fulfil the next end time prophecy by Joel (CP 1:15 - 2:11). The Day of the Lord incorporates the second advent of Christ and the battle of Armageddon. It will come as a destruction from Almighty God upon Antichrist and the confederation of Gentile nations supporting him with their Armies (CP Joel 1:15 also Zeph 1:14-18; Zech 14:1-3 with Mt 24:29-31; 2Th 1:7-9; Jude 1:14-15; Rev 19:11-21). In the Day of the Lord at Christ's second coming to fight Antichrist and his armies, food will be cut off. There will be no joy or gladness from the temple. Crops will fail, storehouses will lay in ruins, granaries will break down because the grain will dry up. There will be no pasture for cattle or sheep to graze - fire will destroy everything and watercourses will dry up (CP Joel 1:16-20). The day of Christ's second advent and the battle of Armageddon will be a day of thick darkness and gloominess (CP Joel 2:1-2). A great people and strong in V 2 refers to the armies of Heaven - the resurrected saints and the angels, who Christ will bring with Him (CP Mt 24:29-31; Rev 19:11-16). A fire goes before Christ, devouring everything, and a flame follows. The land in front of the fire is like the Garden of Eden, while that behind is a desolate wilderness. The appearance of Christ's army is like horses and horsemen (CP Joel 2:3-4 with 2Th 1:7-9; Rev 19:11-14). Fear grips the people in the path of the armies of Heaven. Nothing can stop them. At the second coming of Christ the Day of the Lord is great and very terrible, few will survive it (CP Joel 2:5-11 also Isa 26:20-21; 34:1-4 with Rev 6:16-17).

At His second advent Christ will also fulfil Micah's Messianic prophecy that the Messiah will deliver Israel from Antichrist, and restore her as a nation to fellowship with God (CP Mic 5:4-15). Christ will be the Peace - the preserver of Israel - when Antichrist, the Assyrian, makes war with her, invades Palestine, and attacks Jerusalem, which precipitates Christ's second coming. Israel will raise up seven shepherds and eight principal men against him (CP V 4-5). It is not known who these men are, but they will be under Christ at His second coming, who will destroy Antichrist and his armies at Armageddon, and lay waste to Assyria (CP V 6 also Isa 14:3-6; 30:30; 63:1-5; Eze 38:17-23; 39:1-7; Joel 2:1-11, 20; 3:1-16, 19; Zeph 2:13-15; Zech 14:1-3 with Mt 24:29-31; 2Th 1:7-9; Jude 1:14-15; Rev 19:11-21). The remnant of Israel will be feared among the Gentiles when they know that Antichrist and his armies have been destroyed at Armageddon, and that Christ is restoring Israel as a nation to fellowship with God. Christ will cut off all the enemies of Israel in those days, as well as destroy all witchcrafts. There will be no more casting spells or fortune-telling. All items of pagan worship will be destroyed (CP Mic 5:7-15 also 4:6-8; Isa 11:11-16; Zech 2:6).

Another end time prophecy awaiting fulfilment at Christ's second advent is Zeph 1:7-18 (CP Zech 1:7-18). The day of the Lord's sacrifice in V 7-8 refers to the destruction of the multitudes of antichrist's armies in the battle at Armageddon and others as well (CP V 7-8 also Isa 34:6; Jer 46:10 with Rev 19:11-21). The guests that Christ bid that day were the fowls of the air and the beasts of the field that will eat the dead bodies of those slain at Armageddon (CP Eze 39:17-20 with Mt 24:27-28; Lu 17:34-37; Rev 19:17-18). Princes, king's children, robbers, merchants and all other classes will also be destroyed in that day. It will be a day of desolation and destruction of houses and vineyards and cities (CP Zeph 1:8-18 also Joel 2:1-2a with 2Th 1:7-9; Rev 19:11-21). It is interesting to note here that the fish gate referred to in Zeph 1:10 is in the north wall of Jerusalem from which direction it is prophesied the future Antichrist will come (CP V 10 with Eze 38:14-16). Christ will also fulfil Zephaniah's next end time prophecy at His second advent (CP Zeph 3:8-20).

In this prophecy by Zephaniah, in V 8 Christ exhorts the faithful remnant of Israel to be patient, for the time is coming when He will gather all the nations and kingdoms of the Gentiles to pour out His fiercest anger and wrath upon them. The whole world will be affected by His jealous anger. This complete prophecy will be fulfilled in the battle of Armageddon and the events preceding and succeeding it, at Christ's second advent (CP V 8 also Isa 34:1-8; Joel 2:18; 3:2; Zech 1:14-15; 8:2; 14:1-3 with Rev 14:14-20; 19:11-15, 21). After the judgment in the Millennium the Lord will purify the lips of all nations. They will undergo an inward spiritual cleansing and speak from a pure heart (CP Zeph 3:9 also Isa 6:5 with Mt 12:34-35; Lu 6:45). All nations will worship God and serve Him with one accord (CP Zech 8:20-23; 14:16, 21). Under Christ's instructions the Gentiles will help the dispersed Jews return to Israel as an offering to the Lord (CP Zeph 3:10-13 also Isa 11:10-12, 15-16; 27:12-13; 49:6, 22-24; 60:8-12: 66:16-21). The afflicted and poor people in the midst of the remnant of Israel in Zeph 3:12 will not be physically sick and poverty stricken, but humble and lowly. They will have been forgiven their iniquities (CP V 12 also Isa 33:24; 35:5-6 with Rev 21:3-7). The remnant of Israel will have much to sing, shout and rejoice about in the Millennium at Christ's second advent. Not only will all their enemies have been destroyed, but their Messiah - King, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself will be right in their midst. There will be no need of weakness or fear, because Almighty God will make their name to be praised by every nation in the world where they were put to shame (CP Zeph 3:13-20 also Isa 4:2-4; 9:6-7; Zech 2:10; 14:8-11, 20-21 with Lu 1:32-33).

The next end time prophecy awaiting fulfilment in Christ at His second advent is by Zechariah (CP Zech 2:1-13). The man with a measuring line to measure the width and the length of Jerusalem, symbolises the restoration and rebuilding of Jerusalem in the Millennium under the Messiah after its near destruction by Antichrist and his armies, which precipitates Christ's second coming. The statement by the angel in V 4 that "Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein," means that it will be rebuilt without walls in order to accommodate the vast number of inhabitants. It will be Divinely protected though - Christ will be a wall of fire all around her, and He will be her glory (CP V 1-5 with Isa 4:2-6; 40:5; 49:17-21; 60:17-18). Christ will be in the very midst of Israel ruling personally and visibly in the earth in those days - the Millennium (CP Isa 9:6-7; 52:7-10; Eze 43:7; Zech 14:8-11 with Rev 11:15; 20:6). The Jews who are still in exile in the Millennium will be summoned to return to Israel (CP Zech 2:6-13). Many Gentile nations will join themselves to the Lord in the Millennium (CP Zech 8:20-23 also Isa 2:2-4; 56:6-8; 60:1-3). But Israel will still be God's choice of a people for Himself. They will still be His portion in the Holy Land (CP Zech 2:12 also De 32:9 with Ro 11:25-27).

Christ will fulfil Zechariah's next prophecy at His second advent as the Man whose name is "The Branch", who will build God's temple in the Millennium (CP Zech 6:12-13). And He shall grow up out of His place in V 12 has been technically fulfilled at Christ's birth and His first advent, but His second advent is also in view here when He will build God's temple. Christ is referred to as The Branch many times in scripture (CP Zech 3:8-10; Isa 4:2; 11:1-6; Jer 23:5-6; 33:14-16). Zechariah's next end time prophecy will be fulfilled at Christ's second advent when He returns to Zion to dwell in Jerusalem as King of Israel (CP Zech 8:3-8 also 14:9-11 with Lu 1:32:33). When Christ returns to dwell in Jerusalem it will be called a city of truth; and the mountain of the Lord of Hosts the Holy Mountain (CP Zech 8:3). It will be a city of truth for it is ruled over by the One who is characterised by truth (CP Jn 14:6). And Zion will be a Holy Mountain because the King who lives there is Holy (CP Isa 6:3 with Rev 3:7).

The next prophecy by Zechariah in this study is Messianic. It predicts both the first and second advents of Messiah in the same passage (CP Zech 9:9-17). V 9 predicts Messiah's first advent, which is quoted in Mt 21 and Jn 12 as having been fulfilled in Christ (CP Mt 21:1-5; Jn 12:14-15). In Zech 9:10 the battle of Armageddon is predicted, which will be fought at Christ's second advent, after which all weapons of war will be abolished (CP V 10 with Isa 2:4; 9:5-7; 11:1-10). Christ will have dominion over the earth and speak peace to all nations (CP Zech 14:1-3, 9-11, 16 with Lu 1:32-33). The remnant of Israel will be saved and there will be abundant prosperity among God's people (CP Zech 9:11-17 with 14:14). The next, and last end time prophecy by Zechariah awaiting fulfilment in Christ at His second advent occupies all of Ch 12, 13 and 14 (CP 12:1 - 14:21). The term, in that day, used regularly throughout this prophecy refers to Christ's second advent and the battle of Armageddon. Christ's supernatural defence of Jerusalem in that day will be so terrible that all nations aligned with Antichrist fighting against Israel and seeking to destroy Jerusalem will tremble and shake with fear of the Lord who will be visible over Israel at His second coming (CP Zech 12:2 also 9:14; 14:1-7, 12-15; Joel 2:11 with Mt 24:29-31; 2Ti 1:7-9; Rev 7:1; 19:11-21). All that seek to destroy Israel and Jerusalem will be cut off (CP Zech 12:3; 14:1-5). In that day Christ will strike every horse with terror and blindness, and their riders with madness in the armies of Antichrist (CP Zech 12:4 also 10:5). In that day the Jews will acknowledge the Lord as their strength (CP 12:5).

The Lord will make the chief men of Israel like a flaming torch of fire in the sheaves devouring all the nations surrounding them. He will give victory first to the rest of Israel before Jerusalem, so that the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem will not be exalted above Israel. The feeble will be as powerful as David was, and the house of David will be like God - the Angel of the Lord, Christ, who will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem (CP Zech 12:6-9 also Eze 38:1-7, 14-23 with Rev 9:13-16; 14:20; 16:12-16). In that day Christ will baptise the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem with the Holy Spirit. The Jews will look upon Christ, whom they pierced. They will all be converted to Christ and the nation of Israel will be born in one day (CP Zech 12:10 - 13:1 also Isa 66:7-8 with Jn 19:34, 37 and Ro 11:25-29). The fountain referred to in Zech 13:1 is a symbolic reference to the means of cleansing and purification of the Jews through the atoning death of the One they pierced (CP 1Jn 1:7). In that day Christ will cut off the names of the idols from the land. They will never be remembered. He will also cleanse the nation from the deception of false prophets and their doctrines of demons. Anyone who falsely prophesies after this will be killed by their own parents so there will no longer be any false prophets in the land (CP Zech 13:2-6).

Next the prophecy predicts that two thirds of the nation of Israel will die in the Tribulation, leaving only one third to fight Antichrist, and make up the nation that will be born in a day at Christ's second advent (Zech 13:8-9 and 14:14 with Ro 11:25-29). Just prior to Christ's second advent at the end of the Tribulation, Israel will be invaded by the forces of Antichrist. Jerusalem will be captured, its houses ransacked, and the women raped. The spoils will be divided among the invaders while the city's inhabitants look on. Half the population will be taken as slaves while the other half remain in the city. Then shall Christ destroy Antichrist and the confederation of Gentile nations and their armies that support him (CP Zech 14:1-3, 12-15 with Mt 24:29-31; Lu 21:20-28; 2Th 1:7-9; Jude 1:14-15; Rev 19:11-21). On His way to the battle of Armageddon Christ will set down first on the Mount of Olives which will split in two, leaving a great valley into which the Jews who survive the Tribulation will flee for protection from Antichrist's armies and the outpouring of God's wrath at Armageddon. Christ will have all the redeemed of God and the angels with Him (CP Zech 14:4-5). It will neither be light nor dark that day but at evening time, after Christ has won the battle, it will be light. The battle will only last one day (CP Zech 14:6-7 with Isa 30:26).

Living waters will flow from Jerusalem, creating life all year round, wherever it flows. Christ will be the King over all the earth. There will be topographical changes in Israel. The land around Jerusalem will be turned into a plain, with Jerusalem elevated above the rest. Jerusalem will be safely inhabited, no longer under threat by anyone (CP Zech 14:8-11). The Gentile nations which fought Christ will now come and worship Him. Those who fail to do so will suffer severe drought and famine (CP Zech 14:16-19). The last two verses in this prophecy simply explain the absolute holiness of Christ's Millennial Kingdom (CP V 20-21).

In the next end time prophecy we have another instance of Christ's first and second advents being referred to in the same passage (CP Mal 3:1-5). V 1 has been fulfilled in Christ at His first advent. Christ was the Messenger of the Covenant for whom the Messenger of God - John the Baptist - prepared the way (CP Mal 3:1 also Isa 40:3-5 with Mt 3:1; 11:10; Mk 1:2-4; Lu 1:67, 76; 7:27). V 2-5 in Mal 3 await fulfilment in Christ at His second advent (CP V 2-5). Here Malachi predicts Christ's second advent in judgement. He will come as a refiner's fire to purify the priests, the sons of Levi, to refine them like gold and silver so that they can make offerings of holiness and righteousness that are pleasing to the Lord, as in the days of old. Christ will also punish all iniquitous behaviour by those who do not fear God (CP Mal 3:17 - 4:3). This is the last end time prophecy in the Old Testament awaiting fulfilment in Christ at His second advent. My jewels in 3:17 refers to the remnant of Israel. They will be cleansed of their sins, converted to Christ and made into God's jewels. They will return to their own land able to discern between the righteous and the wicked. The proud and those that do wickedly will burn like stubble in the flaming fire that will go out before Christ and the armies of Heaven at His second advent (CP Mal 4:1 with 2Th 1:7-10; Rev 19:11-15). In Mal 4:2 Christ is called The Sun of Righteousness who will bring healing to every person on earth in the Millennium and the New Earth (CP 4:2 also Isa 33:24; 35:5-6; Eze 47:12). Christ will enable the righteous to tread down the wicked at Armageddon. They will be like ashes under their feet (CP Mal 4:3 with Mic 7:10). This study is now complete. It is not exhaustive but will suffice for the purpose of this exercise.

For a more detailed teaching on Armageddon and the Millennium, see author's studies Daniel's Seventieth Week - The Last Seven Years of This Age in his book Advanced studies in the Christian faith (Volume1), and Armageddon, Judgement of the Nations,Christ's Millennial Reign and the Eternal Kingdom in his book Advanced studies in the Christian Faith (Volume 2).

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